Turn on - synonyms

Total 170 synonym synonyms found for turn on.

accrue from

arise from

be based on

be contingent on

be dependent on

be due to

be predicated on

blow the coals

bud from

come from

come out of

descend from

emanate from

emerge from


ensue from


fan the fire

feed the fire

flow from

follow from

freak out on

get high on

go pitapat

grow out of

have the fidgets

have the shakes

hinge on

issue from

lather up

lie with

lift up

light the fuse

loop in

originate in


plug in

proceed from

raise up

rest with

revolve on

set agoing

set astir

set fire to

set on fire

set on foot


spring from

sprout from

start going

stem from

stir the blood

stir the embers

stir the feelings

swell with emotion

switch on

thrill to

tingle with excitement

turn on to

turn upon

twist and turn


warm the blood

work into