Abide - synonyms

Total 176 synonym synonyms found for abide.

abide in

abide with

be big

be coextensive with

be comprised in

be constituted by

be contained in

be content with

be easy with

be present in

bide the issue

cease not

consist in

continue to be

defeat time

defy time



doss down

exist in


hang in there

hang tough

hold steady

inhere in

judge not

last long

last out

lean over backwards

lie still

listen to reason

lump it

never cease

not breathe

not stir

not write off


remain motionless

repose in

reside in

rest in


see both sides

sit up for

slog on

stagger on

stand firm

stay on

stay up for

stick fast

subsist in

suspend judgment

sweat out

view with indulgence

wait a minute

wait and see

wait for

wait up for

watch and wait